Site access

When you access the site through internet you are logged-in as anonymous user and you may accomplish all the tasks allowed to anonymous users.

In order to access the site as registered user you must use the menu  "For registered users" on the left of the screen. The menu presents five items:

  • Log-in
  • Register
  • Forgot password?
  • Profile
  • Log-out

The first three are showed if you are an anonimous user; the last two if you are a registered user.

Before you access the site as registered user you must register and so you must click on the item "Register". You will be asked to identify yourself. At the end of the operation and after a short time the site will send to you an e-mail that will deliver your password. From that moment on you will be able to access the site as registered user every time you like clicking directly on the item "Log-in".

If you forgot the password you must click on "Forgot password?" and ask for a new password through the form you will be presented. In a short time you will receive the password you forgot via e-mail.

Once you are entered as registered user you can change your password and your e-mail address through the item "Profile".

Every time you want to return to be an anonimous user just click on the item "Log-out".