What and how to post


Tasks for anonimous users:

  Anonymous users may:

  • access to all the contents of the site
  • partecipate to the events
  • partecipate to the polls
  • suggest new contents
  • communicate with the reaponsibles of the site (advices for the site, malfunctionings alerts, etc.)
  • more: cohoperate for the success of the site

Tasks for registered users:

(other than those for anonymous users)

  Registered users may:

  • post contents
  • express opinions
  • comment posts
  • create events
  • launch opinion campaigns
  • open forums
  • launch polls
  • pose questions to politicians
  • deny/rectify
  • choose delegates

What to post:

  You can post:

  • news
  • opinions
  • articles
  • studies
  • interviews
  • witnesses
  • useful references (bibliography and links to other sites)


How to post:

  In order to post contents you must:

  • you must register.
  • in order to register you must select the menu item "Register", to the left of your monitor, under the title "For registered users".
  • After a short time you will receive an e-mail that will communicate your password.
  • From that moment on, you will be able to access the site clickking on the menu item "Log-in", to the left of your monitor under the title "For registered users".