Who we are

The site www.wearereporters.org  favors the development of an:

Information community

It offers to everybody the chance:

  • to get a view of all the major italian and foreign media
  • to access all the contents of the site: they present an information free of political conditioning and economic a/o finantial interests
  • to publish contents (news, opinions, articles, studies, interviews, witnesses, cases) and to comment it; these contents will offer services, denunciations, knowledge, stimulus to the growth of the country, etc. and will never be common, but will inlight the facts
  • to underline, when necessary, the manipulations that the information often suffer
  • more: to organise events, launch opinion campaigns, open forums, lanch polls, pose questions to politicians, attach documents, post links to other sites and bibliographical references, suggest new contents, propose improvements.

Two are the principles that found the site:

  • The "news" belongs to everybody (not just to official reporters) and so everybody must contribute to its birth and control. This is the reason of the title "WeAreReporters".
  • The site belongs to people who participate to enrich it with contents and/or to support it either economically, or with their work. Everybody will get a "participation" and their quote will be measured on the base of their involvement.

In this way everybody will act at the same time as:

Reporter, editor and guarantor

"WeAreReporters" is the place where people meet, share information, discuss openly.

It is the answer to the need of information quality: we are aware that the public information is too much influenced by the political-economical-finantial lobbies and the best cure for a "sick" democracy is the transparency. In other terms the site offers a sight of the country closer to the citizens reality and favours the aggregation of people and their growth.

We hope users will cooperate to its succes according to their time availability and knowledge.

The idea has aggregated a number of people with different ideas, beleaves, inspirations, all convinced that only  breaking barriers and unifying the forces of everybody will be possible to improve the society, in the hope that other citizens  will unite in this  adventure.

It's a big bet since the founders of the site have no "occult protection"; they thrust that the users will contribute through their means to garantee its continuity. Donations will be published on-line.

The users will be able to rectify or deny directly what they think is contrary to their own rights.

A guarantee group formed by people of different beleaves will assure that everybody who wants to post contents can do it completly free (Contact the garantee group).

A coordination group will accept requests from the users and will try to execute them as far is possible  (Contact the coordination group).

The users will be invited to point out their delegates inside these groups.



The "Wikipedia" of the information