Fisica quantistica: L'era dell'entanglement

Witness - author: MANZELLI - posted: 24-10-2011

L' Entanglement rappresenta una fondamentale possibilità innovativa della Fisica Quantistica di realizzare processi di simultaneità' nel tempo non casuali i quali riconducono ad una realtà non più probabilistica ( vedi ad es :

Sarò lieto della comprensione di tanti amici di Siamo Tutti Giornalisti in proposito delle innovazione concettuale dell' Entanglement (che significa = intrigo, condivisione, contaminazione) L'importanza risiede nel fatto che che come nel caso di YIN/YANG, l' Entanglement sovrapponendo una realtà quantistica probablistica ( + PQ con la sua immagine speculare - PQ ) invece di ottenere probabilita zero ( cosa valida per numeri reali ma non per numerazioni probalilistiche che si comptano come onde in fase e fuori di fase ) e possibile ottenere che la probabilita al quadrato ( che da' una soluzione positiva) . Di conseguenza tramite l' ENTANGLEMENT ( = "intrigo o sovrapposizione di onde di probabilità), diviene possibile che Yin si riconduca ad Yang e viceversa come è descritto fin dalle origini cinesi della alchimia , dal noto simbolo del TAO.

Spero nella condivisione di questa idea propria dell' Era dell' Entanglement (vedi Entanglement anche su facebook) che non ha una portata solo scientifica ma anche culturale ed artistica.
Paolo Manzelli 25/OTT/2011


OPEN DEBATE ON : Advances in nano-scale-science includes to focus the Entanglement in nano and bio-molecular systems .;

<< Quantum Entanglement becomes the structure that connects
as in 'ancient philosophy of the Tao was the concept of Yin / Yang >>

The Goal of EGOCREANET ( is to open a debate to sharing innovation and hypotheses on the future of nano-science to provide a forum for researchers and industry managers to exchange and discuss latest and future design and analysis for nano-scale science .

Namely, we are interested in establishing the feasibility and characteristics of Quantum - Entanglement in nano-scale dimension opening a networking through the trans-disciplinary application of the concept of entanglement exteded to cultural and science design, modelling in art and science and visual simulation of nano-scale innovation.
A particular focus of such open debate will be to the issues of Quantum Entenhlement theory regarding , quantum molecular entanglement in nano-scale,and to other relevant topics including: quantum coherence in delocalized bond structures and quantum entanglement in nanoscale dot- systems etc.. . Paolo Manzelli OC/24/2011-Firenze

-- .

One of most peculiar properties of Quantum Physiscs is focused on the Entanglement that get the possibility to built up special quantum shared states based on delocalized electon's field.
In fact Entanglement permits to change the degre of localization of quantum/wave particles ;in fact also during a spatial separation of pairwise electrons quantum entanglement generate a new partial localized conjugate-systems of bonding atoms.
The entanglement activity can evolve in strenght and in coherence of sinultanety properties of mixed delocalized states and/or in the successive decay to localized single states in function of some noises ( temperature and other interferences) that dis-entangled the stability in the time-scale of the simultaneity co-existence of entangled states .

To investigate on the properties innovation of entanglement effects I think that good experimental information can be obtaied looking at the spectum of emission induced by lasers and measured in femto-seconds (Femto-chemistry *).
In fact this fast-method of investigation can give information observed exactly what happens at the molecular level during a chemical reaction. So that ultrafast molecular dynanics in future can permit to deeply understand the effect of entangled hybridization of elecron's field ( in some way similar to the mettallic bond) caused by the overposition of electron orbitals to create the molecular bonding in the nano-scale dimension.

Paolo Manzelli <>

Prelminary info . :

The main objective of EGOCREANET will be to built up a “Knowledge and Innovation Community fo improving research information and communication about the influence of the ENTANGLEMENT in Nano-Science and Technology "

The above goal will aim to establish a common cooperation platform for innovative knowledge to develop European Innovation in nanotech and nano-science to ITC Companies and Institutions, by using internet to develop a common research and applications of the Quantum Entanglement .

So that partners like you can be will be invite everyone that you know sensible for implementing innovation and research of the ideas-potentially enclosed in the "quantum-entaglement" and in their extended application in culture art and design.

Objectives of the Knowledge and Innovation Community cluster in Entanglement for improving nano-science and technology

co- organization of the Knowledge and Innovation Community for improving the above main objective to enhance a trans-disciplinary and multiactorial cooperation between science and industry and society
development and implementation of innovative science and art integration for improving communication and education innovation of the Entanglement Era in order to Accelerate the social and economical international development of Europe .
The organizational structure of the KIC will be shared after the adhesion of about ten entities in Europe and outside in the world.

I hope that this preliminary information satisfy you request and I hope in your co-operation .
My best regards. Very cordially

Paolo Manzelli 25/OCT/11 Firenze