Future horizon of nutrition: a Revolution in Human prevention of Health?

Caso - autore: MANZELLI - pubblicazione del: 26-10-2012

FUTURE HORIZON OF NUTRITION: Research into the Human Microbiome Lead to a Revolution in Human prevention of Health?
Paolo Manzelli : https://www.facebook.com/groups/195771803846822/

FUHONU will develop a multidisciplinary Nutrition-research into the Human Microbiome leading to a prevention of the Human Health for going beyond the state of the art of Microbiome studies. The focus will be in the understanding the functionality of Symbiosis of MICROBIOME working in a cooperative cohesistence with Human Life , seen in comparison to the effects of Dysbiosis thet degeneratethe healty gut Microbiome. In this way the FUHONU project will develop a revolutionary approach seeing health as a microbial ecology evolution of biocenosis between Gastro intestinal bacteria and humans. . The Dysbiosis provoches changes in the fermentation system of the GUT MICROBIOME and some of such metabolites coming from the change of thegut- fermentation can be seen as markers of human health. Hence a Heathy gut Microbiome can be seen on the basis of a grow up of microbe diversity , that can modulate the enzyme's reactor efficiency in order to change metabolic disease risk factors. The emphasis, of the FUHONU project is to ceck the diets that should be on maintaining a proper ecological balance in the gut -microbiome This because when that balance is disrupted by dysbioses , such as through use of a powerful, broad-spectrum of antibiotics , there can be serious consequences for a healthy gut microbiome and also for a degeneration of immunological protection.
The core of the FUHONU project will be the study of Diet- KITS tomantain or restore an Healthy gut Microbiome in pupils and adult persons (man and women) and to an active eldely. Those KITS of Food and Nutraceutical products will be studied and tested to improve a epidemiological -dietary demonstration trials. The cofrontation will be made between a healthy group of persons and other groups of obese people or other groups having for instance inflammatory bowel diseases.
FUHONU Project will enhanced a good evidence that the microbiome is dynamic and can be manipulated through diets to improve health, and those results are going to be considered to improve next generation of higher quality of fortified foods and innovative nutraceutical or pre/probiotics products . Paolo Manzelli 26/OCT/2012 Firenze