Coference to Quantum Art & augmented reality

Caso - autore: MANZELLI - pubblicazione del: 25-09-2012


I think it important to note that:

‘Quantum Art has its deep roots based on a conceptual revision of perception meaning developed by EGOCREANET and collaborators of Contemporary Art and Science (2004-2010), which had its focus on the significance of perception in Quantum ERA.

This means in substance to go forward the old mechanical logic traditionally acquired during the industrial epoch in wich sensory perception and in particular the visual one was considered objective as a consequence of the arbitrary separation between subject and object. With the advent of Quantum Physics, the brain becomes an object of study and thus can be represented in terms of the interactions between photons of light or sound phonons, or other perceptual quantized signals, whose activities’, are included in the brain, so that conceptually they are implemented on the basis the Uncertainty Principle (1927). From this principle of Quantum Science, we know that our knowledge can not be objective, but only probabilistic. This means that what we see around us is not objective, but a cerebral representation of the probability of our future interactions with the ‘environment. Therefore, placing the center this conceptual reflection on the expressiveness of-Contemporary ‘Art we understand that the artistic representation of our perception: visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and tactile etc..need to be represented as probeblistic interaction. From that knowledge comes a new setting of art expression that requires the development of contemporary artistic consciousness that we call QUANTUM ART
(QAGI : This artistic and this movement was founded by the ‘artist Roberto denti Pres. Vic. Egocreanert to start from 2010 —> future).
Therefore our perceptibility as well as the emotion induced by ‘Quantum Art correlates reality and virtuality, imaginary and fantasy, like a mixture between dream and reality. This artistic international QAGI- movement interact very well with the technological development of the so-called Augmented Reality (Augmented reality because of the generation of a relationship between real and virtual).

All those conceprs and artisic espressivity and everything related to those ideas and representation in Augmented Reality will be discussed at the Conference, 14. Dec/12 FLORENCE. Best wishes to all of you ; paolo